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History became legend...legend became myth...

♥ Sneha ♥
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I used to have a really lengthy user-info, but I did away with that because people these days don't really have long attention spans. ;) I figured I'd just give you some basic information about me, and based on that, you can decide whether to friend-me or not. And after that, you're on your own... :)

I'm Sneha and I'm a 24 year old living in Cheltenham, England, where I'm currently pursuing a post-graduate degree. I'm from Bombay, India, which is about as far away from Cheltenham you can get in so many ways - although I love them both just the same. I enjoy the rain and splashing in puddles, doodling in the margins of notebooks, cloud-watching, re-reading Lord of the Rings, playing with cats and spending too much time on Photoshop. I'm a complex, complicated person, prone to sudden mood swings and Nutella-sandwich cravings. I think too much, and I almost ALWAYS live in my own little world. I do come back down to earth once in a while to go window shopping and watch TV. :)

I signed up with LJ in February, 2005. I don't post here as much as I used to at one point, but I'm trying.

It's friends-only because I like to know who's reading it. Feel free to add me as a friend, because the chances that I'll add you back are pretty good...I'm always looking for new ones. :)

However, if you are someone who types in sTiCkY cApS or talks in "l33t speak" (OmGzzz lyke wh4teva!), I won't add you. It's a peeve of mine. I also won't add you if your journal is newly created, or if you have very few entries in it.

I comment often in my friends' journals, and if you're a friend, it'd be nice of you to return the favour. I don't do friends-cuts, but please, don't just be an idle name on my list.

Read this. It's very informative, and it applies to my LJ.

Comment here to be added.

In my journal, I might be overly happy, whine too much, complain, vent, cry, reminisce or express a countless number of other emotions. Once you respect that fact, we'll get along juuust fine. :)

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